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If a Level of Care (LOC) expires, an LOC reassignment must be requested. The status of a youth’s LOC can be checked by contacting CRP or by viewing the Youth Information List on the CRP web application*.


PCC Reassignment

922 KAR 1:360 (Section 13(1)(b)) allows PCCs to accept a child if that child has had a previous level that expired before being admitted to the program. The program has 30 days from the date of admission to complete the PCC reassignment. The following paperwork will be accepted for a PCC reassignment if received within 30 days of the child’s admission to the program:

Option 1: Programs may complete the 1st page of the ALP and attach an initial assessment completed by the program.

Option 2: Programs may complete the 1st page of the ALP and attach an 886A (not more than 30 days old) and the CANS OR other approved supplemental tool below.

Option 3: Programs may complete the ALP in full and attach the CANS OR other approved supplement tool below.

Other approved supplemental tools (Note: ONLY ONE TOOL IS REQUIRED):

  • Assessment/Biopsychosocial
  • Discharge information from previous placement (must include information about child’s progress and service needs)
  • DJJ/Court information
  • DPP-1294B
  • IEP/Educational information
  • Medically complex information (including Individual Health Plan)
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Psychiatric hospital/PRTF information (e.g., discharge summary, treatment considerations)
  • Treatment Plan (must include information about the child’s progress on treatment goals)

Youth who are 18 years or older do not require a CANS or supplemental tool when documentation is submitted for a reassignment.

If the child has been placed more than 30 days in a program, the DCBS Worker must complete a new level of care packet. A PCC/PCP may help expedite the level of care assignment process for an expired level by providing a CANS report or one of the supplemental tools to the DCBS Worker to submit with the level of care packet.

Submit all materials to the Children’s Review Program. Materials can be:

  • Securely emailed to [email protected]
  • Faxed to 859.225.3565; or
  • Mailed to Children’s Review Program, 1351 Newtown Pike, Building #3, Lexington, KY 40511

DCBS Reassignment

DCBS Workers may submit an LOC packet for reassignment of an expired LOC.

  • DCBS Workers must submit an 886A and a Screener. If a Screener is not available, one of the following approved supplemental tools may be submitted:
    • 1294
    • Admission or discharge summary from PRTF or psychiatric hospital
    • DJJ Pre-dispositional report, assessment, etc.
    • IEP
    • Individualized Health Plan, Medically complex report
    • PCC discharge summary
    • Provider biopsychosocial
    • Psychological evaluation 
  • The 886A and Screener or other approved supplemental tool should be sent together when possible. Failure to submit all materials together may result in a delay in the LOC assignment.
  • All 886As must have been completed within the last 30 days.
  • For children who are age 18 and older, only the 886A needs to be submitted.  A  Screener or supplemental tool is not required for a Reassignment.
  • Inquiries regarding the  Screener should be directed to Lizzie Minton ([email protected]).

Submit all materials to the Children’s Review Program. Materials can be:

  • As of 7/1/2021, materials should be submitted via TWIST

*For information on accessing CRP’s web application for child status information, registering as a user, requesting a password be reset, or other related information, please contact Tye Reece.





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