"The progress is noticeable and exciting to see. This is the first placement where [our son’s] needs have been examined from a totally body perspective – meaning mind, body and spirit."

"Most of all [our son] seems happy. He is able to communicate this to us often...He is close by, he is happy and his home life is the best it has ever been."

"We couldn’t be more pleased with New Vista and Ashland House."

"This is the first time we’ve been included in our son’s care and we are beyond thrilled about it."

"I have been overwhelmed with the compassion and willingness to work with my participant. Everyone seems genuine in their capacity to handle his brain injury."

"We feel better about [the client] being at Ashland House than other facilities. We feel there is more interest in trying to help him with his issues. We really appreciate everyone for that."

"I was very included with the treatment and goals for my spouse."